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Affordable and Luxurious Stocking Stuffers and Gifts Under $10

November 17, 2022

The holiday season is here besties!! I am so excited to share with you this curated list of stocking stuffers and gifts under $10 to help all of you babes on a budget. I will be continuing to add to this list throughout the season, so be sure to check back frequently for the most up-to-date list of must-haves under $10! 


| Target Premium Cotton Rounds | $2.39 | This is a personal favorite of mine and a staple in my routine! |

| OGX Coconut Coffee Scrub and Body Wash | $5.99 | This is heavy, so just keep that in mind when filling stockings. |

| ELF Powder Brush | $6.00 | This brush is perfect for all face powder products in your makeup routine! |

| Honest Beauty Gentle Konjac Sponge | $6.99 | Use this sponge to gently exfoliate while washing your face. |

| Sonia Kashuk Filter Beauty Sponge | $5.00 | This sponge absorbs water and becomes pretty large, flawlessly blending in foundation. |

| Burt’s Bees Shortbread Cookie Lip Balm | $3.99 | This classic holiday-scented lip balm is filled with nourishing ingredients and it smells divine! |

| Tree Hut Tahitian Vanilla Shea Sugar Scrub | $8.00 | This is my favorite drugstore body scrub, it reminds me of my Chanel exfoliator! |

| Tree Hut Frosted Sugar Cookie Shea Sugar Scrub | $8.00 | This scrub smells faintly of buttery sugar cookies and vanilla and is very nourishing. |

| Tree Hut Sugar Lips Lip Scrub | $5.99 | This is my favorite lip scrub from the drugstore, it’s also made in the USA! |

| Burt’s Bees Gloss and Glow Glossy Balm | $6.99 | This newer product release is a close dupe for the Tarte Juicy  Lip Balms and I love them; I have all the shades. |

| ELF Camo Concealer Sponge | $6.00 | This sponge is perfect for blending out concealer and smaller areas of the face. It’s a different shape than the Sonia Kashuk sponge. |

| Sephora Collection Clean Glossy Lip Oil | $6.00 | This lip gloss is my absolute favorite affordable lip gloss – i have it in a few shades and repurchase often. |

| Mini Tangle Teezer | $10.00 | Tangle Teezers are better than wet-brushes at detangling hair, and this is the perfect size for travel! | 

| Colourpop Supershock Eye Shadows | $6.00 | I LOVE these eyeshadows, they add so much dazzle and glimmer to my looks. My favorite shades are frog, sailor, ritz, and ladybird. |

| Sol Shimmering Body Oil | $10.00 | This shimmering body oil is the perfect way to glow throughout the holiday season. my favorite shade is soft gold, it’s so dreamy! |

| Travel Size Bioderma Micellar Water | $4.99 | This is the best makeup remover on the market. I use it almost daily and this size is perfect for travelling. | 

| The Ordinary Marine Hyaluronics | $8.00 | This is serum layers well with other skincare, hydrates, and improves texture with good ingredients for sensitive skin. |

| Evian Water Spray | $8.49 | This water spray is perfect to keep in your purse or on your makeup stand to refresh makeup or used on eyeshadow to intensify the shine. |

| Touchland Power Mist | $10.00 | This hand sanitizer is perfect for when you’re on the go and it doesn’t dry out my hands like other hand sanitizers do. | 

| U Brands Felt Tip Pens | $6.99 | These felt tip pens are honestly my favorite to write with – they are so satisfying! |

| Kitsch Blow Dry Clips  | $7.00 |  These clips are so helpful for styling your hair without crimping or pulling during the process. |

| Burt’s Bees Renew Natural Hydrogel Eye Mask | $4.99 | these hydrogel eye masks are made in France and is the perfect way to hydrate the undereye area while also depuffing. Tip: Put in the fridge for a super cooling effect! | 

| Wet N Wild Impossible Primer | $6.39 | This primer is the perfect base for almost everything I put on top of it. I haven’t found a primer that works as well as this one! It looks like a silicone primer, but it’s silicone-free and moisturizing! |

| NYX Bare With Me Setting Spray  | $9.00 |  This spray is great as the first step to your makeup routine, acting as an ultra-light primer. It also is a great product to refresh powdery makeup with! |

| Flamingo Aloe Foaming Shave Gel | $5.99 | This is the shave gel I purchase frequently. It’s hydrating, smoothing, and very affordable. | 

| Mix:Bar Body Mist | $9.99 | This is my favorite drugstore body mist that I have found so far. I love the vanilla bourbon and sparkling hibiscus scents. |

| Burt’s Bees Ultra Conditioning Lip Balm | $7.12 | I buy this lip balm every winter to keep my lips hydrated and plump throughout the season. |

Food and Drinks

| Ferrero Rocher  Hazlenut Chocolates | $5.89 | These are my favorite holiday chocolates with Nutella and hazelnuts inside! | 

| Four Sigmatic Mushroom Coffee Mix | $9.99 | I know this sounds weird, but I love the flavor of this instant coffee mixed with milk. It’s delicious and mushrooms are great for hormone balance! |

| Four Sigmatic Cacao Mix| $9.99 | Just like the coffee, this cocoa mix is delicious! It has a tiny hint of cinnamon and I promise it doesn’t taste like mushrooms! |

| Banfi Rosa Regale Wine | $5.49 | This sparkling brachetto wine is slightly sweet, very juicy, and aromatically fruity. Perfect for stocking stuffers or small gifts for the sweet wine lover. | 

| Favorite Day Rudolph’s Mix | $1.99 | This mix is delicious and sweet and full of fun goodies! Also the name alone is the cutest. |

| Nutella and Pretzel Sticks | $1.69 | This one is for the Nutella lovers! It is super affordable and is the perfect addition to any stocking. I love the sweet and salty combo! |


| Gold Book Stand | $8.95 | This small book stand is perfect for holding up cookbooks, recipes, pictures, plates, and anything else you need to display in your home. I normally use it to hold up recipes when I’m cooking. | 

| Daily Planner Notepad | $6.58 | This is perfect for helping organize your day, especially when planners get overwhelming.  I use these to help me keep track of daily projects occasionally. |

| Glass Straws | $8.99 | I bought these in 2020 and they are still in great condition and none have broken. I highly recommend these! |

| Touchland Power Mist | $10.00 | This hand sanitizer is perfect for on the go and doesn’t dry out my hands like other hand sanitizers do. | 

| U Brands Felt Tip Pens | $6.99 | These felt tip pens are honestly my favorite to write with – they are so satisfying! |

| Kitsch Blow Dry Clips  | $7.00 |  These clips are so helpful for styling your hair without crimping or pulling. |

| Makeup Sponge Holder | $9.99 | I use this sponge holder for traveling and also to hold my sponge in between makeup applications. It’s easy to clean too! | 

| Opalhouse Frosted Sugar Cookie Candle | $10.00 | Target makes some beautiful candles perfect for stocking stuffers and gifts, just like this candle. The scent is subtle, but the aesthetics are on point!|

| Rachel Zoe Journal | $8.99 |  I recently bought this notebook and it is SO chic. It also has easy-tear pages to take your notes on the go! |

| Rechargeable Electric Lighter | $9.99 | This is my favorite electric lighter and has lasted me 2 years. It even comes in a few different colors, like this gold one. | 

| Candle Wick Trimer | $9.49 | These wick trimmers come in so much handy and make a huge difference in how candles burn. I love the gold ones! |

| Nordstrom Butter Crew Socks| $9.00 |  These socks are ultra-plus and an amazing dupe for the Barefoot Dreams socks. These are a favorite of many! |

Stocking Stuffers and Gifts Under $20 For Her

If you need even more ideas, I made this video last year to go over my top picks for stocking stuffers and gifts under $20. I will be creating more blog posts on stocking stuffers and gift guides, so check back soon for more and happy holidays!!




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