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All About Fall: Decor, Thanksgiving, and My Fall Bucket List

October 30, 2022

Hi besties! I wanted to share with you some of my Fall and Thanksgiving Day finds that I have been loving or have been interested in. After Halloween, I am 100% going to start sharing winter holiday content, but I didn’t want to gloss over Fall completely. I also wanted to share my Fall bucket list, which are the things I want to experience before the Fall season ends. If you are in the mood for all the cozy fall feels, this post is for you!  


I love decorating for fall and keeping the same decorations up all season, until the day after Thanksgiving. Combining my Fall and Thanksgiving day decor makes my home look more chic, is less work as far as decorating and clean up, and I get to thoroughly enjoy all of the pieces I use to create a cozy Fall ambiance in my home before the season ends.  I wanted to share some Fall and Thanksgiving decor finds with you, just in case you still need some options for your own decorating. I often like to skip out on the turkey decor, or anything that literally is branded with “Fall” or “Thanksgiving.” While those pieces can be cute, I think you get a much more chic look when you go with a theme, rather than going with a literal translation of Fall or Thanksgiving for your decor. As always, decorate your home in a way that makes you cozy and content, and that can look very different than how I style my home. I still wanted to share some finds with you all that I think look beautiful and would be perfect for the Fall season and Thanksgiving Day! 

Affordable Decor

high end Decor


Putting myself through college and working my way up from my first job as a babysitter, I haven’t always had money to spend on Holiday decor at all. Most of my life so far, I needed to stick to the basics and get pieces that I could use year-round and not just on a holiday. I still wanted to curate my home and pick out pieces that screamed “Melissa,” even when on a very strict budget. That’s why I am a huge proponent of investing in one piece each season, whether that be a kitchenware item, a decor piece, or seasonal food items to have on hand and make your space feel special. Some of the pieces I’m linking here don’t scream Fall on their own, but would still look amazing on your table and are great quality. Pairing these pieces with inexpensive real pumpkins can make your home look very on theme for fall, but then you also have a few key pieces you still get to use throughout the year and for other holidays as well. 

Affordable Kitchenware

High End Kitchenware

Snacks and Food

Fall is such a cozy season, filled with cozy foods as well! I love leaning into Fall when I create my weekly menus for our home and I adore recipe testing for the fall season. I wanted to share some of my favorite Fall-themed snacks and foods with you all, or just items that I think would make the season easier to experience with minimal work or prep. Bon Appétit!

Affordable Foods

Gourmet Foods

Fashion and Beauty

I am currently working on a few different fashion blog posts that I will be sharing with you in the very near future, but I still wanted to share some of my Fall fashion favorites here as well. As the weather changes, so does my beauty routine with the colder, dryer weather. I opt for more moisturizing and hydrating products and more warm tones in my everyday makeup looks. I can do a separate blog post on my current fall skincare routine for the AM and PM! Take a look at my picks here: 

fashion and beauty

she's expensive fashion and beauty

Fall Bucket List 

I have been so busy with my move between unpacking boxes and finding new homes for all of my things, replacing old appliances, and making general home updates as we go. This has left me with little time to actually indulge in Fall and soak up the season. Here are some bucket list items I want to do before fall ends, and it might give you some inspiration if you have been looking for fall activities! 

This fall has looked a little different for me this year since we are still settling into our home, but I hope to at least cross a few things off this bucket list! I hope you are all having the coziest, dreamiest, most magical Fall possible. Please let me know what I’m missing from my fall bucket list in the comments!




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