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Sephora Sale 2022 Recommendations

October 9, 2022

It’s that time of year again!! I always get so excited when the Sephora sale events roll around, because that means cooler weather and many holidays to celebrate are to come – what’s not to love? After shopping many Sephora sales throughout the years, I have picked up a few strategies on how to shop to get the most out of the sale. Below I have outlined what product categories I prioritize and the specific products I recommend picking up.

Sale Details

The sale dates and sale amount depends on what tier of Beauty Insider you currently are with Sephora.

The sale starts early for Rouge members on 10/28/22 and lasts until 11/7/22. Use the code SAVINGS for 20% off. The sale starts for VIB members on 11/1/22 and lasts until 11/7/22. Use the code SAVINGS for 15% off. The sale starts for Insider members on 11/3/22 and lasts until 11/7/22. Use the code SAVINGS for 10% off. Starting on 10/28/22, all Sephora members can get 30% off the Sephora Collection using the code as well. You can use the code as many times as you would like, in-store and online. This works out perfectly for me, because I end up making a last-minute purchase before the sale ends! Now on to my reccomendations! 



Although it’s early in the year, the sale is the perfect time to save money on the gifts you plan to hand out either for the holidays, birthdays, or just because. Personally, I always pick up mascaras for my mom during the sale because she loves trying new brands and the sale makes it worth it to invest in a few. Sephora is known for its gift sets and favorites collections, which are already a deal to begin with, so adding the sale on top of these items is an amazing way to save money while picking up gifts for your loved ones. I set up a budget every year for how much I can spend on gifts, so the sale allows my budget to go further for the loved ones in my life who wanted beauty-related items. It’s also a great idea to check out the Sephora Collection sale and the travel-size items, as these make perfect stocking stuffers or gift toppers and are very affordable. Check out the gifts I think are worth picking up down below (click on the gift images to take you to the item on Sephora’s website): 

must have gifts


During every sale, I end up with a few repurchases I have been holding out on getting so I can pick them up at a discount. I LOVE using JVN’s line for haircare, so I always purchase a few bottles during the sale to last me a few months. I end up saving money in the long run and I rarely completely run out of my haircare. I also pick up mascara for myself, as I work through mascaras rather quickly, as well as brow products and body lotions and washes. Snagging products you would buy throughout the year anyway will save you money in the long run!

I will always repurchase


If you were wanting to splurge on an item, now is the time! Don’t wait to pay full price for the item, especially if it is typically expensive. Splurges can include products like fragrances, expensive skincare, skin tools, makeup brushes, and non-necessities (I’m looking at you Caudalie grape water that I love so much).  I did notice that some items, like the Dyson Air Wrap, always magically goes out of stock right before the sale. This has happened the past few sales, so I would not bank on this splurge being available. However, there are a few splurges that I think are worth the ivestment:

luxe splurges

Hot-Ticket Items

There always seems to be hot-ticket items that fly off the shelves really early on into the sale. If there is something you were thinking about getting, I would snag it before it goes out of stock and you miss out on the discount. Anything that went viral on Tik Tok or Instagram WILL for sure sell out. So think about purchasing these items too!

these will go fast!

Specific Product Recommendations

Finally, it’s time for the specific products that I would recommend picking up that aren’t mentioned above (only because I did not want to overcrowd the categories!). All of these items are things that I have loved for so long and can confidently recommend to you all without hesitation!

you have to try this!

| Lipstick: Merit | Eyeshadow Palette: Patrick Ta | Blush: Gucci | Mascara: Lancome | Eye Liner: Lancome | Setting Powder: Pat McGrath Labs | Bronzer: Hourglass | Highlighter Palette: Dior | Mascara Set: Sephora Favorites | Tray: Anthropologie

In a separate blog post I’m going to be discussing the products I am picking up this year and what’s on my wish list. I hope you all snag the items you’ve been wanting and don’t forget to check out my Youtube videos covering the Sephora Sales of previous years. Let me know what you plan on picking up or anything I missed! 




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