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Fall 2023 Bucket List + FREE PRINTABLE!

The heat may still be here, but I definitely felt a cool breeze roll through this past week bringing with it my Fall spirit.  I spent a few days thinking about everything I wanted to experience with the changing of the seasons and this culminated in a very long list. In an attempt to both […]

April Self-Care Challenge: 30 Days Of Prioritizing My Well-Being

Hi besties! Spring is here and I am in the mood to reset and refresh my life. Big plans, I know! For the month of April (and hopefully beyond), I am challenging myself to do one extra act of self-care every day – that isn’t already a part of my normal routine. I’m excited to […]

I Tried Lip Injections For Fuller, Natural Looking Lips

Hi besties! If you have been following my youtube channel, you know that I’ve been debating on getting lip injections for a while now and I recently took the plunge. I am so excited to share my experience and give you an inside look at the process! My goal is to provide you with all the […]

Welcome Back To My Blog! Hi besties! It’s been a while since I have posted last, so I figured I should reintroduce the blog and what’s to come. I originally started the blog because I wanted to share content that was easier to put in written format than in videos. I started off strong with posts and keeping up […]

How to Dress Chic with Excess Skin From Weight Loss

I wish you all the best of luck while going on your chic and comfortable journey into the fashion world. Remember you are beautiful, loose skin and all! You don’t need to change in order to look good in clothes, the clothes you choose needs to change! XOXO, Melissa