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How to Dress Chic with Excess Skin From Weight Loss

January 13, 2021

I want to begin by saying that you are strong and beautiful and capable of reaching even the wildest goals that you have set for yourself. You are more than a pant size, the number on a scale, and any beauty standard that society deems as the ideal. 
I have battled with weight gain my entire life. At one point I managed to lose half my body weight and was the smallest I had ever been. With a major weight loss, and what comes along with having curves in general, is excess skin and unique body shapes. Having a unique body shape can make it hard to find flattering clothing, or clothes that make you feel empowered when you wear. I have searched high and low for the styles that fit me best and compliment my body, so I wanted to share those tips with you too.

  1. Love your body

    Now you know I had to start off with the hard truth. You cannot just hide your insecurities behind a gorgeously flowy Free People dress and expect to feel good wearing it out in public. No, you have to do a little work first. You need to look in the mirror and tell yourself you are hot shit and believe it. Maybe that was a little dramatic, maybe. What you can do, though, if telling yourself you’re FIIIIIIINE is a little too hard, then at least look in your mirror and have neutral thoughts. You don’t need to tell yourself you’re the baddest girl in the room, but you definitely should not tell yourself that you’re less than, that you need to change, that you won’t look good in anything you put on. Start with being body neutral, and see where that takes you. Now, on to the actual tips that I’ve found can help me dress my best and extenuate the curves I love, and not draw attention to the curves I’m neutral about.

  2. Try a gorgeously flowy dress

    Okay, okay. I know I said you can’t hide your insecurities behind a gorgeously flowy Free People dress, but I never said you shouldn’t wear a gorgeously flowy Free People dress. The fit of an A line, skater, fit-and-flare – you get the idea – can beautiful drape over curves and while hiding any bumps, rolls, and lines that you are neutral about. There is absolutely nothing wrong with showing these parts of your body in a dress, but if you want to extenuate other areas, this may be a style for you to try!

  3. Try a tunic top

    Sometimes, a girl just wants to wear some leggings and a comfortable top. Grabbing a tunic top can offer some more coverage and can come in many different styles. I know I keep referencing Free People in this post and I promise I’m not #sponsored, but they do have the cutest tunics that typically come oversized and can fit a wide range of sizes (even though their sizing ends at XL). Tunic tops are so easy to find at many clothing retailers, so I love the versatility and access they provide

  4. Invest in quality leggings

    If you want to look effortlessly chic in a trendy athleisure get up, invest in quality leggings that will feel comfortable and provide support. I love wearing LuluLemon, as their quality is unmatched, but recently other brands have been stepping up their athleisure game! I find that cheaper leggings tend to have more translucent fabric, bad stitching, and no contouring. Investing in a pair of leggings that provides extra stitching, support, and higher quality fabric can look and feel better on. Try a nice pair out and see where they take you!

  5. Pick stretchy or soft materials

    Wearing stiff materials when you have loose skin can feel like a nightmare. The tugging and irritating pulling of stiff materials on the skin can feel overwhelming when you’re just trying to look cute and chic. I have always opted for jeans with elastane weaved into the cotton, soft and stretchy fabrics, and materials with some give to reduce the tugging. Pictured below I was having an all-day shopping extravaganza to forget about work and classes, so my outfit had to be comfortable, obviously. My shirt: stretchy, my jeans: stretchy, my skin: not irritated but also stretchy. LOL The point is, you don’t have to wear uncomfortable fabrics to look cute. Do some research (or watch and read my reviews on YouTube and my blog where I do the research for you) to find the fabrics and styles that suit you best!

I wish you all the best of luck while going on your chic and comfortable journey into the fashion world. Remember you are beautiful, loose skin and all! You don’t need to change in order to look good in clothes, the clothes you choose needs to change!




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